In Trackier you can update the layout of the panel as per your need. You can update Theme Color, Panel Language, Language, Default Currency.

To do the update, from side menu go to Customize > Application

In Preferenced card you can update

  • Theme: You can enter Any hex code or select from the default color theme.
  • Enable 2-FA Sign in: If you enable this you can add security to your platform, you can select what should be the max days without authentication and what should be max wrong attempt.
  • Dashboard Data: From here you can adjust what stats you need to see on the dashboard card.

In the Panel Layout, you can update necessary things related to the panel

  • Organization Name: You can change the name of your company that will be visible on the panel.
  • Currency: you can set the currency rate.
  • Language: You can select any panel default Language.
  • Timezone: your all reporting will be visible with respect to this timezone.
  • Header Logo: Here you can add a logo that will be visible on the left top side of the menu.
  • Login Log: Logo which you want to show on your login page.
  • Favicon Icon: Icon for the tab of the browser.

Support Email: Enter your network support email here, which will be visible to publisher

Support Link: Enter the link for your support doc.

Terms and Conditions URL: Enter the URL for your terms and Conditions.

Privacy Policy URL: Enter the URL for your Privacy Policy.

Publisher Registration URL: enter URL if you want to use a custom page for the publisher signup.

Advertiser Registration URL: Enter URL if you want to use a custom page for the Advertiser signup.

Advertiser Terms URL: If you have separate terms for Advertiser signup enter URL here for that.