Now you can migrate on Trackier without worrying about the conversion loss due to the migration process from the old platform to Trackier.

Trackier can pass all the conversion to your old platform, which will be attributed against the clicks belonging to your old platform.

How this will be helpful?

With this feature, you can 0 the traffic on your old platform and increase the traffic on Trackier, after which, 

  • You will be getting all conversions on Trackier.
  • Trackier system will automatically route conversion recorded against click id of your old platform.
  • At any period of time, if Trackier keeps receiving any conversion-related to your old platform it will keep routing to your old platform. 
  • So in Almost 1 month, you can completely be migrated on Trackier from your old platform very efficiently. 

Flow Diagram

Add Old Platform Postback On Trackier

To add the postback URL go to Advertiser > Manage > particular Advertiser > Settings > basic.

Here you need to add your old tracking platform Postback URL. Once added, system will keep sending conversion related to your old platform Click id. 

Example of PostBack URL

Make sure to replace the tokens with corresponding values received via Trackier PostBack URL.

For example if you are receiving a sale amount in &sale_amount= of Trackier Postback Parameter then use token {sale_amount} in third part URL shown below.{sub1}&adv_sub2={sub5}&adv_sub3={sub7}&adv_sub4={sub10}&adv_sub5={sub6}&amount={sale_amount}&transaction_id={click_id}&conversion_unique_id={txn_id}

For more info please connect with your Account Manager

On Trackier only those conversion will be attributed whose click id is related to Trackier, In other case it will send directly to your old platfrom without counting that as Conversion on Trackier.