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Leadbyte Integration

Integrating LeadByte with Trackier for Accurate Lead Attribution

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At a glance: This article explains how to integrate LeadByte's lead distribution system with Trackier for accurate sales attribution, revenue tracking, and commission calculation. It covers the steps required to configure postback tracking between the two systems.


Integrating LeadByte with Trackier enables you to streamline your lead distribution and attribution processes. LeadByte is a powerful lead distribution software that automates lead nurturing and distribution. By integrating it with Trackier, you can track sales accurately, attribute them to the correct affiliates, and manage commissions effectively.

Steps to Integrate Leadbyte with Trackier

Step 1: Create an Offer in Trackier

Create a campaign in the Trackier platform for your affiliates to promote ensuring it generates a unique Click ID for each affiliate click.

The key to enabling the integration is to ensure that your Trackier campaign is configured to generate a unique click ID for each affiliate click.

Default campaign URL in trackier

Step 2: Assign a Field in LeadByte

Assign a field in LeadByte to store the Trackier Click ID for each lead. This links the lead to the corresponding Trackier affiliate.

For this purpose, you can use pre-existing standard fields like C1, C2, C3, or Source, or you can create a Custom Field.

Step 3: Pass Trackier Click ID into LeadByte

Step: Append the {click_id} macro to the offer landing page URL to pass the Trackier Click ID into LeadByte.

Step 4: Configure Postback Settings in Trackier and place postback on Leadbyte

  • Configure the Postback in LeadByte, mapping the Click ID custom field to Trackier's "click_id" parameter and the sale amount to Trackier's "sale_amount" parameter.

This ensures that Trackier receives the necessary data for accurate attribution.

  • You can add the postback in Leadbyte by going to the Tracking Pixels option in the Campaign Settings.

Step 5: Explore Lead Reporting in Trackier

To analyse the performance of a specific Trackier campaign after integrating with LeadByte, you can explore offer-level reporting data by going to the Campaign report.

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