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At a Glance: This article will help in saving reports and making quick links so that users can access any specific report anytime without applying a filter every time.

With the "Save report" option, you can find your saved reports with multiple reporting options If you regularly use a fixed KPI in the report.

Save Report Button

Click on Save Report on the top right under the actions button and enter the name of your new report. Please note that if you select the Last 7 Days as the date range, the report will always show you the last 7 days' stats. The same goes for the month, today, yesterday, etc.

Save report on Trackier

Saved Reports

Once you choose the name and click on the Save button, it will save your report under the Saved Report section.

Saved report Trackier

If you wish, you can delete the report by clicking on the Action button and choosing "Delete"

Delete saved report in Trackier

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