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Scheduled Report

Scheduled Report

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At a Glance: This article is a helpful guide to learning the use and functionality of scheduled report futures on Trackier.

This feature allows you to automate the reporting process; you simply save the report you want to schedule and fill in a few details for the report to reach you. Once finished, it will be emailed directly to you and any other member of your team at the time that you have specified.

Process to Follow

To access the Reports section, navigate to the left panel and choose Schedule Report. In the top right corner, click on the action button and choose Add Reports to Schedule.

Manage Scheduled Reports

Enter the details below:

Report Name: The name you want to give to your scheduled report.

Status: If you want it to be active or in a paused state.

Frequency: How frequently do you want the report? It can be weekly, daily, or monthly. For instance, I want the report to be emailed to me twice a week, on Monday and Friday.

Select Reports: Now you can select a single saved report or multiple reports as part of this.

Notify Users: The users you want to notify about the report.

Additional Users: Enter the email of the users to whom you want to additionally notify.

"Don't forget to save the report at the end."

Add Reports For Scheduling

Once scheduled, you can manage the reports by editing the details or deleting them.

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