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At a Glance: Trackier provides this feature, where you can create notifications for your team related to campaigns.

This feature allows you to set email notifications for campaigns as well as automated team members' specific notifications with custom conditions and logic applied.

Steps to follow:

  • Go to the Automation section on your panel and select Alerts from the left menu. Here you will see an option to configure a new alert under the actions button.

Alerts option in Trackier
  • Please fill in all the necessary details and provide the conditions to set the custom alert.

  • Add the name of the alert alongside the members that you want to notify. You can include any other recipients if you wish to.

    Creating alert for a user in Trackier
  • From here, you can target advertisers, publishers, campaigns, and goals. You can also set the alert's lifespan from here. Add a lookback window duration to check the condition/report after the number of days specified here.​

  • Add the frequency for sending the alerts to concerned POCs.

    Steps to create alert for user in Trackier
  • Enter the condition here, and once it meets, an alert will be sent out. You can add multiple conditions as well. The threshold here will mean the maximum number/limit.

    Steps to create alert for users in Trackier
  • In case you add multiple conditions, you can choose to add "At least one" in case you want an alert to be sent out in case any one of the conditions is met

creating multiple alerts in Trackier
  • You can view what your alert looks like and click on "Finish" to post it.

  • So for instance, if I want an alert to be generated in case my cancelled conversions have crossed 50, specifically for 2 campaigns and I want this condition to be checked every 5 days and send an alert every 16 hours, you can set the same conditions in "Alert section."

Creating alert on Trackier Panel
Setup condition on Trackier for alerts

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