Notification Setting

Notification Setting

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At a Glance: This article will assist you in understanding how to modify your notifications and alerts according to your requirements.

With Trackier, you have the freedom to customize your notification settings by choosing the topics you want to get notified about.

Notification Settings

  • To access the notification page, select the notification option from the left side of the panel.

  • You can find Notification Settings by clicking on the Actions button on the top right of the panel.

  • Select and enable your notifications for the preferred options, and hit the Save button to save the changes.



  • Enable all Campaign Alerts here for newly created Campaigns and CAP, Payout Revenue management, Targeting, Time Targeting,

  • Get notifications in the event of removing publishers, assigning new publishers, disabling any publisher's link, blocking or unblocking any publisher, or in the event of a category change.

Notification Settings:  Campaigns


Receive notifications when a new advertiser signs up, a team member adds a new advertiser, an advertiser logs in, a CSV upload of an advertiser's details is made, an advertiser's postback is added, deleted, or downloaded, and there are updates to settings or status.

Notification Settings: Advertisers


You can set up quick alerts for new publisher sign-ups, additions, logins, CSV uploads, postback changes (new Postback addition, removal, status update), campaign access, publisher coupon additions, any settings updates, and so on.

Notification Settings: Publishers


Under the Invoice segment, you can start alerts for newly created, paid, approved, submitted and deleted invoices.

Notification Settings: Invoice

Team Members

Allow customized alerts for adding and removing team members, as well as updates after changing and updating any member's role and access.

Notification Settings: Team Members

Notification of Bulk changes

  • If you make changes in bulk to campaigns, advertisers, or publishers, they will be reflected as part of notifications in your panel.

  • There will be an option as "Drill in" inside the notification, which will provide you details on what all changes were made as part of the bulk changes.

    Manage Campaigns: Bulk Action

    notifications on bulk changes

    Notification Drill In

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