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Customize Your Tracking
Customize Your Tracking

Customize Your Tracking

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At a Glance: This article will provide you with an understanding of how you can customize your tracking based on different attributes.

Trackier gives you an option for customizing and setting some predefined attributes as part of tracking.

Customize: Tracking

Customize: Tracking

  • Click Pixel: The pixel data affiliate marketing companies use is from a tool called tracking pixels. Tracking pixels are snippets of HTML code, and these snippets are used and loaded whenever users open a relevant email or visit an appropriate website. By enabling this option, you can track clicks without redirection

  • Device ID Masking: A device ID is a unique string of numbers and letters that identifies any device. Enabling this will replace the last part of the device ID in order to make it GDPR-compliant, which is for data privacy

  • Debug Postback Alerts: In case there is any issue with the postback and alerts are getting triggered for it, with the help of this option, you can debug and get notifications as and when an error occurs for the postback

  • Impression Tracking: Through this option, you can track impressions for your campaign.

  • Use Full Device Language: By enabling this option, you will get the full name of the language as part of the macros. For example, instead of just "En," you will get "En-USA.".

  • IP Masking: It is somewhat similar to Device ID Masking. Except for the last 8 digits, they will be removed and replaced in order to make it GDPR-compliant.

  • Enforce private domain tracking: By enabling this option, any traffic from unassigned publishers on private domains will be rejected.

  • Conversion Status Locking Post Invoicing: By enabling this option, you will not be able to change the conversion status once the invoice has been created and paid.

  • Report Payout/Revenue Precision Point: This option is to display the digits after the decimal point in the payout section of the report.

  • Custom Dimensions: It is to add any additional fields in the postback URL and pixels

  • SKAdnetwork ID: The Store Kit ad network helps ad networks and advertisers measure their ad activity (such as impressions, clicks, and app installs) on an aggregated level. You can add or see the ID for your Ad network and by going through "Appstore Postback," you can see the URL for postback as well

Profile: Application
  • Global Fallback Link: You can explicitly mention the URL to which you want to redirect the traffic during fallback

  • Global Postback URL with status: Please enter the global fallback URL and select the desired status.

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