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Publisher Tracking Link Parameters and Postback Macros
Publisher Tracking Link Parameters and Postback Macros

Publisher Tracking Link Macro and Postback Parameter.

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At a Glance: You can find all the information about the parameters and macros for publisher integration here.

Trackier receives click data from the publisher and sends it back via postbacks when there is a conversion. Parameters and macros are required to transfer data from one source to another.

Parameters For Publisher Tracking URL

A list of the parameters that you can use in the publisher tracking link






Ask the Publisher to pass their click ID in p1


Ask the publisher to send their sub-publisher ID in this parameter.


These are open parameters; you can get any information you want from your publisher.


Publishers can pass the app_name in this parameter.


Use this to get creative used by publishers.


You can use this to get GAID from the publisher.


Use this to get an IDFA from the publisher.

Now, when you are generating a tracking link for the publisher, you can add the above parameter to get the value from the publisher's end.

Publisher Tracking Link on Trackier

An example of a publisher tracking URL that you can refer to:

So you need to ask the publisher to replace it with their system macro.

Note: If you are not able to find a value corresponding to the parameter in the report, that means the publisher is not sending you the data correctly. Please check and verify.

Customizing publisher tracking URL

Go to the Publisher Customize section if you would like to add some macros to the tracking template so that your publisher will recognise the importance of each parameter. Scrolling down will give you the opportunity to modify the tracking template.

Customize Publisher Tracking Link on Trackier

Macro For Publisher Postback URL

List of the macros that you can use in the publisher's postback URL






It is the most important macro, place this against their click ID parameter in the postback

{payout_usd} or {payout}

To pass the payout in USD for the campaign.

{p2} - {p10}

Open parameters to record the values for the publisher's side and pass them back.


Passing the unique transaction ID to the publisher, which is generated from the advertiser's end.

{sub1} - {sub10}

Open parameters for passing any information received from the advertiser's end


This macro is used to pass on the goal details on which conversion is received.

Learn how to add publisher postback from here.


Example: Publisher Postback URL

The publisher will provide you with the postback URL.

  • Ask for their click ID parameter.

  • What information do they need in postback and parameters for those?

  • For which events do they need a postback from your end?

Let's say below is a postback URL from the publisher's end and aff_sub is their click id parameter, then

Note: If postback is not recorded on the publisher's end, then please use our troubleshooting guide here.


&Publisher Parameter = Trackier Macro

Please confirm with your publisher which value is needed for each parameter, then use the appropriate macro for that specific parameter.

{p1} is mandatory in the server postback tracking method.

To verify, in Tracking URL, let's say the advertiser click id is aff_sub, then in

In the tracking link, it will be &p1={aff_sub}

In the postback URL, it will be &aff_sub={p1}

Use Server Postback when the Publisher has a tracking panel

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