Coupon Tracking

Coupon Tracking

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At a Glance: This guide will assist you in tracking conversions attributed to coupon codes.

Note: This feature is available in the Enterprise Plan. Please contact your account manager to learn more.

Trackier's coupon tracking feature allows you to track the effectiveness of your coupon codes in your marketing campaigns.

You can assign general, exclusive, and unique codes to different campaigns with coupon tracking, allowing you to see how many customers are using the codes and which campaigns are generating the most conversions through the coupons.

It's an excellent way to track the success of your promotions and improve your marketing strategies.

Add a New Coupon Code

  • To add a new coupon code, go to the "Coupon Codes" section under the campaign section. Click on "New Coupon Code" and fill in the details.

    Add a New Coupon Code on Trackier

    Add a New Coupon Code on Trackier

  • Fill in the below details:

Add a New Coupon Code on Trackier

  • Code: You will receive the code from the advertiser's end. The code is not case-sensitive. You can use it in either uppercase or lowercase. It is recommended to use the coupon code only in uppercase letters.

  • Campaign: Select the campaign for which the coupon will be applicable.

  • Type: Select the type of coupon in this option. The different types of coupon codes are described below:

    • Generic: These coupon codes are valid for all publishers. It is mandatory for the publishers to use the tracking link generated from the Trackier platform only to record the conversions through the postback.

    • Exclusive: These coupon codes are valid for only one particular publisher. The conversions will be tracked regardless of the tracking link. It is not mandatory to use Trackier's tracking link to record the conversions. The user can use the direct landing page that is added to our platform.

    • Unique: This coupon type works in the same way as the exclusive ones. The only difference in this type is that the coupons can only be used once (one unique code for one advertiser). Once the conversion is tracked at our end with this type of conversion, no other conversion will be recorded with that particular code.

  • Publisher: You can whitelist coupon codes for the publishers, or you can block the publishers for the same purpose as well.

  • Description: Information about your coupon code will be added to this section.

  • Start Date: This feature is optional. If you want to set a particular time at which the coupon code tracking should work, you can set the starting time here.

  • End Date: This feature is optional. If you want to set a particular time at which the coupon code tracking should work, you can set the ending here.

  • Status: If you want to set the status of a particular coupon code as pending or expired, you can do so from this option.

If you wish to add any payout along with the coupon code, you can do that as well by filling in the details

Add a New Coupon Code on Trackier

Now the publishers can also add coupon codes, which will be in a pending state until and unless admin approves them. In case admin rejects it, it will go into an expired state with a rejection reason. When the publisher adds a coupon code, it will appear in the coupon code section for the admin to receive.

How to Bulk Import Coupons

Trackier gives you the flexibility to bulk upload the coupons into the campaigns. With the help of the import coupon code option, you can skip the manual work of adding coupons one by one. You can create a CSV file of the coupon codes and directly upload it into the panel.

How to Bulk Import Coupons on Trackier

How to Bulk Import Coupons on Trackier

How to set up coupon tracking

The conversions can be tracked either through the server-to-server postback or through an iframe or image pixel. See the details below to learn more about how it can be used.

The coupon code parameter is &coupon_code.


It is not necessary to obtain the click if your use case is simply to track the conversion via coupon. If the advertiser sends you a postback/pixel with a coupon code, and that coupon code exists on your platform, the conversion will be accepted even if there was no click. Since the relevant publisher ID and campaign ID are added to the coupon codes' setup, the system will recognise that information when it is received via the coupon code in postback/pixel, and a click will be generated by the system itself for that conversion .

Setup in s2s Postback

Setup in iframe/image Pixel

<iframe src="{ADV_COUPON_MACRO}" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="1" height="1"></iframe>

Coupon Report

You can access the coupon report from the conversion report by adding a coupon code filter and checking whether a conversion has been recorded from a coupon code.

Coupon Report on Trackier

Troubleshooting Postback From Debug Report

You can access Postback debug report from the sidebar. Go to Advertiser and select the option Postback Hit Received. Also, if it a pixel based campaign, the errors will be visible in the pixel logs that you can access from a particular campaign or advertiser.

Troubleshooting Postback From Debug Report on Trackier

List of errors

    When a publisher is not allowed to use a particular coupon but sends a conversion through that coupon code.

    When a coupon code is inactive or not in use.

    When a conversion is recorded after a coupon code is expired.

    When the coupon is used before the start date.

    When the publisher sent a conversion with the wrong coupon code.

    When the coupon is used for the wrong campaign

Condition: It is not necessary to use a tracking link for coupon tracking when prioritising tracking links and coupon codes.

Example: If a customer uses publisher 1's tracking to redeem an exclusive coupon from publisher 2, the conversions will be attributed to publisher 2.

We have a setting in the customisation section that allows you to choose the priority for this.

Coupon Tracking on Trackier

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