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Specify Featured Campaigns

Specify Featured Campaigns

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At a glance: This article will assist you in featuring some of your most important campaigns so that they receive attention from publishers.

Featured campaigns are a good way to make your key campaigns stand out from the crowd.You can now specify the featured campaigns in the panel, which will attract more attention from the publishers.

Follow the steps below to learn how to add campaigns to the feature list and how they will appear in the publisher interface.

Note: Only public campaigns can be added to the feature campaign list.

Process to Follow

  • Find the Featured Campaign section from the left sidebar on your panel under the Campaigns section. Then follow the steps as mentioned in the below picture. This is how it looks in the admin's panel.

Featured Campaigns

Note: In the Feature List, you can add up to 100 campaigns.

Publisher interface

Once the campaigns are added to the feature list, a section will be created in the publisher's interface where these campaigns will be displayed. See below for a screenshot of how your publishers can gain access to the featured campaigns.

Publisher Interface: Featured Campaigns

Featured Campaigns

It will be helpful to let your publishers know about the best-performing campaigns so they can access them easily and quickly.

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