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Adding Campaign Category
Adding Campaign Category

Adding Campaign Category

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At a Glance: This article helps in adding campaign categories based on similar attributes.


It is important to categorize the campaigns into different categories based on their similarities or common criteria. It is advisable to create multiple categories and assign the campaigns to them. The publishers can access the campaign categories and are able to pick up the campaigns easily when the categories are mentioned.

You can add a category to your panel by following the simple steps described in this article. Also, you will learn how to manage those categories and assign campaigns to them.

How to add category?

To add a new category, navigate to the campaigns section and select Manage campaigns. Then, click on the Actions button in the top right corner and choose the Categories option.

Manage Campaign

In the categories section, navigate to Actions and select Add new Categories in order to add new categories.


You can import different categories as well by uploading a CSV file.

Import Category

Assigning a category

Once the category is added, you can assign that value to any campaign.

If the campaign is already created, then you can go to the Campaign Edit section to add a category. But if you are creating a new campaign, you can select the category during that process in the campaign details section.

The reference image to add a category is shown below, and to save a new campaign category, you have to select a category from the dropdown and hit the save button at the bottom.

Campaign Create


  • In order to effectively track campaign performance, we need to categorize and manage them more efficiently. Campaign categories offer a systematic approach to managing and organizing campaigns.

  • Publishers can find the campaign more quickly using categories.

  • It's mandatory to create categories if you want to create smart links.

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