Adding Brands

Adding Brands

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A brand is an entity which has multiple games (called products) under it. You can create and manage different brands as part of your panel.



Adding a Brand via a single form

To add a Brand to the panel by using a single form, you have to follow the steps mentioned in the below image.

The form will appear on the right side of the panel where you can add the required details as per your need.

You can also customize the questions in the sign-up form.

  • Full Name - Enter the name of the affiliate

  • Email - Email address of the affiliate

  • Account Status - Status can be kept as active, pending, disabled or rejected

  • Country - Choose the country name

  • Company - You can add the name of the company to which the brand belongs

  • Account Manager - Assign an account manager to the brand

  • Password - You can set a password for the brand login

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