Getting started as a Brand
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At a glance: This article would help you get started on your performance marketing journey on Trackier if you are a brand.


Brands can leverage Trackier to establish and manage their own affiliate programs, enabling other marketers to promote their products and drive sales. Trackier also offers E-commerce integration for tracking marketing performance.

Following are the steps to get started as a brand on Trackier panel

STEP 1 : Campaign Creation

The first step on Trackier is to create your campaign. This article will help you with campaign configuration. While selecting the conversion tracking method, choose the iframe pixel method.

STEP 2 : Web SDK generation

Once a campaign is created, the next step is to generate the web SDK. This code will be embedded on your website, your CRM platform, or any e-commerce platform that you are using (like Shopify) to track the conversions.

STEP 3 : E commerce Integration

If you want to integrate with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, this collection will provide you with all the information on the same.

STEP 4 : Partner Addition

It is important to add the details of all the partners with whom you are working in order to manage them through the panel. This article will help you add a partner. You can also bulk upload the partner data through a CSV.

STEP 5 : Partner Postback

Your partners will share their postback with you, which you need to set up on the Trackier panel. Through this postback URL conversions will be sent to the publishers.

We want to assure our customers that Trackier provides an in-house customer support team, available for instant query resolutions. You can reach out to us via email at or directly engage with our in-house agents through our live chat feature.


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