Invoice Settings

Invoice Settings

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You can easily automate and apply a few of the settings for the invoices being generated as part of this section. From auto-generating invoices on the defined dates/days to adding your bank details for the client end, can easily help anyone reduce the manual effort and get things done efficiently.


Auto Generating Settings

  • Minimum Amount - You can set the minimum amount for which you want to generate the invoice. For instance, you don't want to publish any invoice which is lower than 50k. You can enter that value as part of this field.

  • Frequency - The frequency of the invoice, can be weekly or monthly or quarterly and so on and so forth.

  • Date of Month - The date on which you want your invoice to be generated. It can be the start of the month or the end of the month, Whichever date suits you the best

  • Allowed Payout Types - The payment types you would want to allow.

  • Day of the week - Choose any particular day when you want the invoice to be generated

  • Offset - The number of days you want to look past while generating the invoice

  • Generating invoice based on either creation date or approval date

  • Invoice Mode - If you want to create invoice day or month wise or campaign wise

  • Prefix Invoice ID - How the Invoice ID will look like. You can customize that as per your wish

  • You can hide the logo as well if you want to by enabling the "Hide logo" button

Affiliate Auto Invoice Settings

  • This section will allow you to add a minimum amount for your affiliates which will automatically be added and adjusted in any invoice created for those affiliates.

Company and Bank Details

  • You can enter the details of your company and bank details which will be added as part of the invoices that you create for your affiliates and brands

Generate Invoice

  • There will be an option to directly create and generate invoices on or before the current date. Once you click it the invoices will be created automatically.

Exchange rates

  • You can alter the exchange rates here and see the rates for different currencies.

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