FTP Upload

FTP Upload

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Trackier allows you to upload your data to the panel via the FTP method. File transfer protocol is a method through which you can easily upload or transfer files from one location to another.

Process to Follow

  • In case you want to upload data via the FTP method, Trackier will give you a username, password, directory, port and server IP. This will be created by Trackier and you can contact your Account Manager for the same.

  • These details will be visible on your panel inside "Automation"

  • You will be required to upload CSV files with the nomenclature "Activity_YYYYMMDD.CSV"

  • In order for our system to read the files make sure to upload the file by 10:30 AM IST or else it will be shifted for processing for the next day

  • The screenshot below indicates a sample CSV file among which customer ID, Currency, Date, Brand ID and product ID is required and others are optional

  • You can also see the status of various uploads as part of our panel

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