Rakuten Integration

Rakuten Integration

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At a Glance: This article will help you understand the use case and how to integrate with Rakuten.

Trackier's built-in Rakuten integration lets Trackier connect to the FTP server of Rakuten to upload Sub_IDs reports or any other data reports that you wish to send to Rakuten.

The another feature of Rakuten Integration is that you can setup your Rakuten postback via Trackier only. The postbacks will then be mapped to Rakuten and your conversions will start getting tracked. You can check the same in the conversion Report.

Setup FTP:

Setting Confugration:

Go to Automation and click on E-commerce.

Select Integrations, click on Rakuten and choose Setup FTP

Rakuten Integration

Rakuten Integration

You simply need to enter your FTP server details to configure the integration, as shown above: name, host, username, and password.

Name: Provide a name for the integration.

Host: The host is the address of the FTP server to which you want to connect. This can be an IP address (e.g., or a domain name (e.g., ftp.example.com).

It specifies the location of the server where the files will be uploaded or downloaded. You need to provide the correct host address to ensure a successful connection.

Username: The username, also known as the FTP username, is your unique identifier on the FTP server. It allows the server to associate your connection with your account. You should have an FTP account on the server with a username and a corresponding password. The username is used to log in to your FTP account.

Password: The password is a security credential associated with your FTP username. It serves as a means of authentication to verify that you are the authorized user of the FTP account.

Once the above details are entered, an option called Upload CSV will be visible in the selected integration.

Here you can upload the CSV file of sub_ids and upload them. A sample CSV file can be downloaded by clicking on the "here" button on this page:

Rakuten Integration

Setup Postback:

Creating Integration:

Go to Automation and click on E-commerce

Select Integrations, click on Rakuten and select Setup Postback

Rakuten Integration

You simply need to enter your postback details to configure the postback.

Name: Provide a name for the integration.

SID: Sub-ID will be provided to you by your advertiser.

Client ID: It is a unique identifier of the application you have created on the Rakuten Developers portal.

Client Secret: It is a confidential key for the application you have created on the Rakuten Developer's portal.

Advertiser: Select your advertiser from the drop-down.

Now all that remains is to map your conversion field to Rakuten Field that is map your rakuten's macro to our Trackier's parameters.

Rakuten Integration


Sub4 is Trackier's open parameter.

Use Case:
You can use this parameter to get any extra information from Rakuten.

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