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Analyst: Roles and Permissions
Analyst: Roles and Permissions

Analyst: Roles and Permissions

Updated over a week ago

At a Glance: This article will help you understand the roles and responsibilities of Analyst and what permissions are given to them.


You need to assign publishers and advertisers to the analyst for them to see the data of the assigned user. If you haven't assigned any, the system will automatically assign them all.

Sub-Id/Timezone Report: This will allow the analyst to view the timezone report.

Coupon Code Module Access: This will grant the analyst access to the coupon code.

Account: Settings

You can also set the KPIs that will be seen by the analyst in reports.

Account: Settings

Note: The analyst will be able to view all reports, save them, schedule them, view campaigns, and access details for both advertisers and publishers.

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