Trackier And Adjust IOS 14 Integration Test

Trackier And Adjust IOS 14 Integration Test

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At a Glance: This article will help you understand the steps to test your integration with Adjust IOS14.

Once you have done the Adjust Trackier Privacy Postback Setup, you can make a test for the same.

There will be no click ID, so tracking will work based on another parameter. So please make sure to add the macro as mentioned below for tracking to work.

Step 1: Setting Up Test Campaign Tracking URL

You can ask Adjust, for any test campaign URL, or you can use any ongoing live campaign that is for iOS. Make sure the URL has the mapping of the Adjust parameter and Trackier macro as below.

Adjust Parameter

Trackier Macro




To pass Camp id



To pass publisher id



To pass creative id

Below is the difference between the usual postback and privacy postback URL:

Step 2: Updating Campaign Setting

You need to define in the campaign to which MMP Trackier needs to pass postback once we receive the same from Apple, After Creating a campaign, go to Settings inside that particular campaign, then navigate to SKAdnetwrok Setting.

Trackier test for adjust ios14
  • Check The Box that says "Allow Skadnetwork Attribution"

  • Enter Campaign ID, it should be in the range of 1-100 as per Apple Instructions.

  • Select Which MMP Partner It Supports.

  • Adjust Network token will be provided by the Adjust

Step 3: Making a Final Test

Once you are done with the above steps, go to Campaign and then Skadnetwork Test

final test for adjust ios14 on trackier

  • Campaign - Select the campaign which you are testing.

  • Test App ID - Enter Test APP ID, you will get this from Adjust,

  • Conversion Value - Enter Value, you will get this From Adjust.

Once the test is done you will get a response as below.

test result of adjust ios14 integration on trackier

Send the same response to Adjust, and wait for postback.


It might take up to 24 hours to get the postback from the MMP partner, please wait for 24 hours, if you are still not able to receive postback from the MMP partner, please ask them to POSTBACK LOG and share the same with your Trackier Account Manager.

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