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Whitelabel Login and Postback Domain

Sometimes the links other than the tracking link need to be white-labelled and Trackier gives you the benefit of that.

Now you can change the Login page domain, Postback domain, and API Domain.

The default structure of the links will be different for all three domains.

Let's discuss them in detail separately.


Get a Domain from your Domain Provider.

  • Login to your Domain provider and go to the DNS settings. 


You can find DNS setting in every domain provider like Godaddy, Namecheap, etc you just need to make sure to update DNS where your nameserver is pointed to.

Copy the CNAME value and Paste it into the Domain DNS Settings.

  • Copy the CNAME value from the panel to do that Go to Customise > Domain> Login/Postback/API. As shown below in the picture the points where to find the CNAME value for your Login, Postback and API links respectively.
  • In case you want to add a custom login box you can enable the button and add login URL. 

Add a CNAME record in the DNS settings of the domain provider from where you have purchased it.

Points toCustom Domain
Login page

Example of Godaddy DNS Setting

  • Type: Select CNAME
  • Host: you can use any value it will act as a subdomain to your main domain like trk, xyz, tracking, etc.
  • Point to: Here you need to add CNAME value you get from the Trackier platform.
  • TTL: In what time the record gets appended, you can use 1 Hour.

To check if DNS record is appended correctly go on DNS record check and if you get Check in all regions you can move to the next step.


  • How to set CNAME record in Godaddy click here.
  • How to set CNAME record in Namecheap click here.
  • How to set CNAME record in Cloudflare Click here.

Request SSL and Domain Custom Settings.

  • Request for SSL on the New Tracking domain on Trackier Support ( We do SSL batch-wise on Tuesday and Friday).
  • Add the new custom tracking domain in Trackier by using your custom domain at the given space and hit the save button at the bottom.

In case you have any issues please mail us at support@trackier.com

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