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How to Enable SSL through Cloudflare
How to Enable SSL through Cloudflare

How to Enable SSL through Cloudflare

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At a Glance: This article helps you understand the steps you need to take to generate your SSL on Cloudflare.

In Trackier, you can set up white-label domains to promote your brand, differentiate traffic sources based on domains, avoid domain spamming, etc.

Once you purchase a domain, it is essential to enable SSL on your domain. SSL is a secured socket layer that allows your domain to redirect through "HTTPS" instead of "HTTP', which is generally an unsecured gateway.


If you buy your domain from Cloudflare, you can have the SSL generated there as well.

Step 1 : Domain on Cloudflare

  • Sign up on

  • Once signed up, you have to enter your domain. Cloudflare will automatically check for all types of records added to your domain and show them on the screen.

Step 2: Name servers

  • Cloudflare will give you their name servers; you need to replace your existing name servers with the ones provided by Cloudflare when you purchased your domain.

How to Enable SSL through Cloudflare

Step 3: DNS setup

  • Once the name servers are added, go to the DNS option as shown in the top bar.

How to Enable SSL through Cloudflare

Step 4: Add Cname

  • Click on +Add Record and add the CNAME entry as guided in the process.

How to Enable SSL through Cloudflare
  • Type: Select CNAME in this option.

  • Name: Enter the subdomain for your domain. Example: You need to enter only the sub-domain in this place. If your customized domain looks like, you have to enter trk in this field, which is your subdomain

  • Target: Enter the value as given to you from the Trackier Platform. The value will be different if you are using your domain for a tracking link, login, postback, or API.

  • TTL: Keep it auto (by default)

  • Proxy Status: Keep the status as proxied.

Step 5: Proxy status

  • Don't forget to keep the proxy status as 'Proxied'. This will make sure that your domain is enabled with SSL.

How to Enable SSL through Cloudflare

After following all the steps, a CNAME record would be added, and the SSL would also be generated for free.

Trackier provides SSL for your customised domain only in the Enterprise Plan.

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