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White-label or Customize the Tracking Domain
White-label or Customize the Tracking Domain

White-label or customize the Tracking Domain

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At a Glance: This article will help you customize your tracking domain as per your requirements.

Trackier provides you with a default domain for your tracking links, but there is also an option to customise or white-label it as per your needs.

You can white-label the tracking domain to promote your brand, distinguish traffic sources based on domains, and avoid domain spamming, among other things. Customers on the Trackier Agency and Enterprise Plans have access to this feature.

Use cases of white-labeling tracking domain

  • You can promote personal branding through white-labeled tracking domains.

  • In case you are getting malware errors in GTM, white labeling is suggested.

  • If you want to use a separate domain for some specific offers, that is also achieved through this feature.

The default tracking link looks like this:

A custom tracking link looks like this:

Following are the steps to configure your own domain in Tracking Link:

STEP 1: Purchase a domain

The first step is to purchase a domain from your preferred domain provider. For example, if your company's name is Adzilla, you can purchase domains for tracking such as,, or, among others. After you've purchased a domain, you can proceed with the steps below.


Adding a CNAME value means putting a subdomain before your purchased domain and pointing it to the right place. Log in to your domain provider and navigate to the DNS settings.

Note: You can find DNS settings in every domain provider like Godaddy, Namecheap, etc. You just need to make sure to update the DNS where your nameserver is pointed to.

Copy the CNAME value and paste it into the domain DNS settings.

Copy the CNAME value from the panel by navigating to Customize > Domain> Tracking Domain. Point 3 will show you where to find the CNAME value for your panel.

Whitelabel or Customise Tracking Domain on Trackier

Add a CNAME record in the DNS settings of the domain provider from which you purchased it.


Point to

Custom Domain


An example of Godaddy DNS settings:

  • Type: Select CNAME

  • Host: You can use any value; it will act as a subdomain to your main domain like trk, xyz, etc.

  • Point to: Here you need to add the CNAME value you get from the Trackier platform.

  • TTL: To determine what time the record gets appended, you can use 1 hour.

To check if a DNS record is appended correctly, go to DNS record check, and if you get a check in all regions, you can move on to the next step.

Whitelabel or Customise Tracking Domain on Trackier


  • To set a CNAME record in Godaddy, click here.

  • To set a CNAME record in Namecheap, click here.

  • To set a CNAME record in Cloudflare Click here.

HOT TIP: If you are using Cloudflare and do not want to add a subdomain, use @ as the hostname when adding a CNAME. For example, if @ is used as a host when adding a CNAME to the domain, the domain will remain but the CNAME will be added without any subdomains.

STEP 3: Generate SSL

Following the addition of a CNAME to the domain, the next step is to generate an SSL certificate for that domain. If you purchased the domain from Cloudflare, the SSL will be generated automatically. This guide will help you enable SSL through Cloudflare.

If you are an enterprise client and want to generate SSL for your custom domain, please contact the support team.

STEP 4: Domain setup on Panel

Add the new custom tracking domain in Trackier by clicking on +Add Tracking Domain.

  • Mention your new domain.

  • Once SSL is completed, you have the option to change it from no to yes.

  • You can whitelist this tracking domain for a certain publisher, and then the tracking link will be generated for the mentioned publisher only, and the publishers who are not whitelisted here will not be able to see this domain.

  • Choose the "Default Tracking Domain" checkbox to designate a specific domain as the default tracking domain.


  • Choose Private if you want to keep your domain available only for specific publishers.

  • Choose the publishers from the drop-down menu.

  • Selecting this will specifically assign this domain to all the links generated by this publisher.

Whitelabel or Customise Tracking Domain on Trackier

Whitelabel or Customise Tracking Domain on Trackier

Note: If you add a new tracking domain and make it the default tracking domain, it will be the default domain for tracking for all the upcoming campaigns. The campaigns that are already running will have no effect, and they will keep functioning on the previous default tracking domain.

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