In Trackier, you will get all advance analytics regarding the Fraud detected on clicks and conversion level. It's always beneficial to optimize based on the stats you have. For that, Trackier has developed the advanced analytics and reports section for fraud conversions. 


Where to find Analytics reports?

To access the fraud report and analytics, go to Automation> Anti-Fraud Tools> Action> Reports & Analytics


Through this Analytics tab, you will be redirected to a page where you can have an overview of the rejected conversions. Details regarding the fraud campaign and the source can also be found from there itself.

Fraud Analytics

Most Fraudulent Campaign

This widget will give you analytics about which campaign have most fraud conversions, you can see the rejection rate, and based on the analytics you can take action.

Most Fraudulent Publisher

This widget will give you analytics about which of your publisher is sending most traffic fraud and bringing most fraud conversion on the table, these are sum up based on all the rules you have set while creating the anti-fraud rule.

Most Fraudulent Countries

This widget lets you know from which geo most of the fraud traffic is coming.

Fraud Report

To access fraud report on the same page click on Action > Fraud Report or you can access the same from dashboard, go to Reports > Fraud Report.

Once you have opened the report, you can adjust the filter on which KPI you want to check fraud report.

Once you have thought of all the 'group by' KPI, click on 'search' and you will get a deep insight into fraud conversions.


If you click on the numbers in the "Rejected Conversion" column then you will get a popup with more information about rejected conversions.

With this, you will have an idea of which anti-fraud rule, and what % of conversions got rejected.

We have now added an option to "Group by" via Fraud reasons. So, now you can directly see the reason of the rejected conversion in terms of one of the columns of the report. If in a particular campaign there is more than 1 reason for rejection the rows will be split into 2 to show the same.


  • Use Conversion Log to get details of each fraud conversion individually. 
  • Use Status "rejected".
  • Select filter "fraud Reason" and other KPI needed.
  • All fraud conversion status would be "rejected".