With Shopify and Trackier integration, you can directly connect your Shopify store with your Trackier platform and can access all your clicks and conversion data in one place in your trackier dashboard.


Trackier's built-in Shopify integration, allows you to track the campaigns, their order id, order number, order name, and will get easier and you don’t need to use any additional tracking links or affiliates or partners.
All the day-to-day activities on Shopify, you can track into the Trackier.

Integration advantages

1. The clicks and the number of conversions that are reflecting on the Shopify store those you can track in the Trackier platform.

2. Easy setup processes and not require any technical knowledge to set it up.

3. The one-time integration process for tracking all the campaigns. 

There are few steps to do the integration with Shopify and Trackier integration.

There are two methods of doing the integrating with Shopify.

  • Direct Automated Integration
  • Manual Pixel Integration

Direct Automated Integration

Step: 1

Navigate to the Automation > Integration > E-commerce > Shopify and click on ADD to connect your Shopify store.

Step: 2

You will be redirected to the Shopify store and there you need to add your store URL or domain and then you need to login into your store.

Step: 3

You need to click on the install add button on the Shopify store and need to enter the Network id which you will get from your Trackier dashboard.

Step: 4

Once the integration has been successfully done. You will be back to redirect to your trackier dashboard and here you can enable the Tracking methods (scope)

- Click

- Conversion 

- Click + Conversion both.

Step: 5

Trackier also provides a Reconciliation toggle option which provides you the tracking accuracy. With this setting enabled if there is any change in the order status at Shopify, it will get automatically change in your trackier dashboard as well. 


Note: In the Shopify store if you are already using any click script then the Reconciliation toggle will not work.

Manual Pixel Integration

Navigate to Automation > E-Commerce > Setup Instruction. 

By placing Trackier’s JS pixel or the Image tag to the Shopify store you can start tracking the conversions on the Trackier Platform.

The clicks and the number of conversions that are reflecting on the Shopify shore those you can track in the Trackier platform.

Offer setup and conversion Tracking pixel

Trackier's JS pixel example

<img src="https://demo.gotrackier.com/pixel?adid=5eb27a3cb6920d71dc1c1842&sale_amount=AMOUNT&currency=USD"> <script type="text/javascript">    (function() {        var a=document.createElement("iframe");        a.setAttribute("src","https://demo.gotrackier.com/pixel?av=57c4738434243dc57d8b456d&sale_amount=AMOUNT");        a.style.width="1";a.style.height="1";        document.body.appendChild(a)    })(); </script>   

Trackier's Iframe pixel example

<iframe src="https://demo.gotrackier.com/pixel?av=6156db9f6cf95e1d763d9dc7&txn_id={{ order_number }}&sale_amount={{ total_price | money_without_currency }}&currency={{ currency }}" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="1" height="1"></iframe>        


Placing pixel code in Shopify

Go to your Shopify store > settings > checkout tab > order processing section > additional script and place your JS pixel or Image tag here which you have got from the Trackier platform.

After placing the pixel click on “save” to proceed.


Integration testing

After the setup has been completed Trackier allows you to test the integration and generate a test click and conversion between Shopify and Trackier. Where you will be able to get the order id, order number, and order item details.

In case of any help in the integration process, you can contact our support team 24*7 or can mail us to