Trackier provides an automation feature of disabling campaigns which have been inactive for a specific number of days. 


These rules automatically disable campaigns in bulk for a particular advertiser which do not record any conversion.

Where to find?

Click on Automation >> Auto Pause campaigns >>  Add rule.

After clicking on Add Rule, you will be able to setup your auto-pause campaign rule.

Setting up Auto Pause rule

The setup filters will pop up on your window after clicking on Add rule, allowing you to define the metrics of your rule. 

1. Advertiser - This option will allow you to select the advertiser for whom this rule will be applied. 

2. Exclude campaigns - This option will allow you to exclude campaigns of previously selected advertiser specifically for the rule.

3. Clicks (Excluding rejected Clicks)* - This option will allow you to set the number of clicks for the rule.

4. Number of days* - This option will allow you to set the number of days for the rule.

5. Status - This option will allow you to select the campaign status for which the rule will be applied. 


If the number of clicks* on a campaign exceeds the specified number of days* and the campaign is having zero conversions, then the system will disable the campaign.

All the campaigns which fall under these rules will be disabled by the system automatically.

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