With this Adding Notification feature, get to create a new alert for all your team members where you can create a custom message, Select and exclude your targets and users and can be prescheduled.


How to add Notification? 

Step: 1

You can find the Notification section on the left section of the panel, which will allow you to create new notifications.

Step : 2

Click on --> Actions --> New Notification

Step 3 : 

You can fill up the required details on the current page. Once the details will be filed up, hit send button.

1. Subject: You can add a relevant timeline for the notification that you will be adding.

2. Message:  Create a custom Message for the targeted team members. 

3. User Section: Select your users, Such as Top publishers,  team members, active publishers etc. 

4. Target: Select your audiences to share the notification. 

5. Exclude:  Exclude selected publishers and limitate your audiences. 

6. Schedule: Here, you can preschedule your notification alert for selected date and time. 

7. Send Email: Tick on a box beside 'Send Email' to get a notification alert in your mailbox.

In case you have any issue related to Notifications, please mail us at support@trackier.com .