Impression Report

Impression Report

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At a Glance: This article provides useful instructions for retrieving the impression report from the Trackier portal.

In order to track the impressions that your campaign has received, Trackier creates an impression report for you, which will show you details such as the number of impressions for a particular campaign or impressions sent by a particular publisher, and so on.

Impression Report

Go to Report from the side menu and click on Impression Report.

Impression Report

Impression Report Attributes

Once the impression is recorded, you can see several details about it, such as through which publisher it was received, on which campaign it was received, and any other attribute you wish to see.

You can filter out the reports on the basis of campaigns, publishers, advertisers, and sources. There are a lot of other reporting options as well.

Impression Report

Filters in Reporting Options:

  • Impression ID: In case you remember the impression ID, you can enter that as well.

  • Campaign: Explicitly enter the campaign name for which you want to see the impressions.

  • Publisher: Enter the publisher's name.

  • Advertiser: Enter the advertiser's name.

  • Source: Publisher's publisher.

  • IDFA: This filter option allows you to see the information received in IDFA, which is the Apple ID of the user.

  • App ID: Every app store, like the Apple Store or Play Store, has a unique app ID associated (specific to CPI campaigns).

  • App Name: Name of the app for which the campaign is being run (CPI-specific).

  • Android ID: This field contains the Android ID of the user.

  • Landing Page: The landing page on which the user has landed after clicking on the publisher's link.

  • Payout: The payout that has been defined for that campaign.

  • Revenue: revenue that has been set for that campaign.

  • Smart link: For which smart link has the conversion been made.

  • IP Address: IP address of the user.

  • City: Name of the city from which the user has made this click.

  • Region: Name of the region from which the user has made this click.

  • Carrier: Internet service provider.

  • Browser: Name of the browser using which the user has made this conversion.

  • Operating system: Name of the operating system of the user's device (i.e Android, Windows, Linux, IOS)

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