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Impression Tracking

Impression Tracking

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At a Glance: This article will help you understand how impressions can be tracked on Trackier.

You can track an impression on Trackier and send the impression data to your advertiser via impression tracking. To achieve this, you need to enable impression tracking for a particular campaign.

Note: There is a certain impression quota provided in each plan. There will be overage charges for extra impressions tracked.

To access Impression Tracking, go to campaign settings and then go to Impression Tracking

Impression Tracking on Trackier

Enable Impression Tracking And View-Through Attribution

In Trackier, you can send impression data to your advertiser, which is view-through attribution. Once you are in the impression tracking section, you need to enable a checkbox that says allow impression, and then you can add the advertiser impression URL in the available space.

Note: You can find a list of macros supported for impression tracking by clicking here.

Impression Tracking on Trackier

Note 1: The {imp_id} macro is mandatory to be placed on the advertiser URL with the impression parameter. This will help you capture the impression ID effectively.

Note 2: Trackier now offers you the option to get server-side impression data as well. You can enable the "Server side impressions button" post, where you can either mention included publishers or excluded publishers.

  • Let us take an example. We have a campaign named Test. In case you want to enable impression tracking, make sure to have "imp=true" as part of the URL. This will help you track the data properly.

    Impression Tracking on Trackier

  • Once that has been done, go to settings, then go to impression tracking. In case the "Yes" box isn't selected, please go ahead and tick it. Enter the impression tracking URL that you took from your advertiser, and don't forget to add the {imp_id} macro for you to capture impression data effectively.

    Impression Tracking on Trackier

After adding the advertiser impression URL, you can enable VTA by ticking the checkbox with the same name.

Impression Report

You can access the impression records in the reports section. It can be accessed from

  • Campaign Report

  • Impression Report

Impression Report on Trackier

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