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Publisher Dashboard Introduction
Publisher Dashboard Introduction

Dashboard Introduction

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At a Glance: This article provides an introduction to how to view and understand the different widgets on Trackier's publisher dashboard.

Trackier provides a separate dashboard for all the publishers. With the publisher dashboard, they can access all the campaigns and measure the performance of each and every campaign which they are running.

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Performance Report

Performance report tells you about the number of clicks, conversions, revenue, impressions, payouts and profits the publisher has received over the specified date range. If you wish you can reduce the attributes in the report by clicking on the metric. You can also print and download the report in PNG, JPEG or PDF format.


You can lay out the panels over the dashboard and see the data for today, yesterday and month to date. There are different kinds of widgets such as -

1. Top campaigns, Publishers and Advertisers - To view the list of top 10 performing campaigns, publishers and advertisers. You can have this data in form of a table or a pie chart.

2. Clicks, Conversions and Impressions - If you hover over conversions you can also see data of approved and rejected

3. Payout, Profit and total revenue

4. Campaign Data - This panel will help you with data for active, paused, pending and disabled campaigns. You can also view a pie chart for top campaigns region/country-wise. You can explicitly choose data for whom you want to see these results.

5. Hourly data - This will update every hour to show the hourly attributes like click, conversion, payout, revenue, earnings per click, profit etc.

6. Coupon Code - You can now see the last added 10 coupons and a link which will redirect you to manage those coupon settings. Along with this, you will see the publisher name, start-end date and status of the coupon

7. Featured Campaigns (In publisher's interface) - These will reflect campaigns that the admin has added as part of featured campaigns for their publishers

8. Recommended Campaigns (In publisher's interface) - These are based on tags. When we add tags for our publishers and the campaigns then based on the tag's similarity the campaigns are suggested here in the publisher's interface.

Customise widgets

You can select the widgets you want to show in the dashboard from the 'customise widgets' option from the bottom of the dashboard. Trackier also provides options to arrange the widgets according to your needs by simply drag and dropping the widgets from the customise widgets section at the preferred location.

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