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New Releases

New Releases

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We are happy to provide you with monthly updates on any new or updated features added to the platform! Please stay tuned to learn more about these changes.

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May–June 2024

We now offer integration with Amazon stores, allowing for automatic report retrieval.​

We now offer the ability to view click reports by timezones, a feature that was previously only available for conversion reports.

We now offer the ability to add multiple Flipkart or Shopsy integrations to the panel, each with their own individual logs.

Our platform includes a security feature that allows you to monitor user sessions and control their duration, including automatic logout after a certain period of time.

April 2024

You will now be able to view the number of expired campaigns on the dashboard itself.

Now the referral earnings will also be taken into consideration for minimum amount for an invoice

Now you can integrate Zid e-commerce with the Trackier panel.

March 2024

G2C is now integrated into our panel, making it simple for you to easily review Trackier on G2C.

Now the CS manager can view the campaign’s report even if they were not assigned the advertiser to whom the campaign belongs.

In addition to scaling payouts, we now offer a feature that allows you to set scaling revenues.

Now we have given our users the ability to download API logs.

Now we have the ability to authenticate using Google Authenticator.

February 2024

Now, you will be able to view top publishers by impressions from the dashboard itself.

Now we have provided the ability to assign access to bulk actions to the team members.

Now, you will be able to generate invoices automatically when the minimum payout reaches a certain amount, irrespective of the time duration.

January 2024

Now we have the option to eliminate rows without gross revenue.

App ID and App Seceret have been removed.

Postback for goals has been provided as well.

For example: Cut off date is 1st Jan 2024 then advertiser cannot see the report previous to 1st Jan.

From now on, a campaign cannot be created if the domain of the destination URL is present in the panel’s custom domains section.

Ability to have a tax ID in the payment details in the invoice.

Ability to select clicks, conversions, or impressions while generating an invoice.

Under Facebook custom data, now only currency and payout macros will be visible instead of all the macros.

Now you can generate the bi-monthly invoice on the 1st and 16th of every month, as per the current functionality, we are unable to auto-generate the same.

Now we have a new UI for the campaign create and manage section.

Now you can group advertisers as parent and child to club the reports.

Now you can schedule payout changes for the goals as well. To do this, they need to do it in the edit section.

Now you can encrypt the publisher ID in the smartlink to add security to the tracking links.

Now the KPIs for publisher ID and advertiser ID are provided in the campaign report section.

December 2023

Before, this was available on a global level. Now, we can choose a specific campaign to apply this setting.

The conversion report now includes filters for sub-1 to sub-10.

We have included a Google Ads link checkbox for publishers, which will only be visible to selected publishers.

November 2023

Two separate sample files are available for creating and updating bulk upload conversion data.

To modify an existing conversion, you'll need the conversion ID, and any additional columns included in the upload will be revised.

We have now implemented additional filters in reports that allow for data to be filtered in p1–p10 categories.

Our platform now offers the feature to add re-targeting tags at a global level.

We now have the capability to set a global duration for attributions.

October 2023

Upon enabling this feature, in the scenario where the campaign currency is equivalent to 'USD', and the sale currency is different than realtime rates will be used to convert that value to USD.

Note: This feature can be enabled from the backend if you desire us to do so.

We have revamped the UI of our campaign basic setting page! You'll notice that now, the field label text is conveniently located below each option for your ease of use.

Earlier we use to have only conversion postback in publisher panel now we also have goal as well.

September 2023

Heat-mapping will provide a better idea of distribution of various traffic metrics like Impressions, clicks and conversions on an hourly basis calculated over a specified date range. It will be provided in the chart section of hourly reports.

This has been implemented for the following metrics:

  • Impressions

  • Clicks

  • Conversions

You can filter out based on the following:

  • Publishers

  • Campaigns (Multi select)

The option is now available for the admin on the publisher setting page to assign KPIs from the report group to publishers.​

With our new feature, deals, you have the ability to create and store deeplinks that can be reused multiple times.

Note: Deals and deeplinks cannot be used simultaneously.

Now you will be able to view the revenue reports in a month-wise currency rate fashion.

Note: This feature can be enabled from the backend if you desire us to do so.​

This feature provides automatic logout for an employee when:

a.) They login from any other device.

b.) When a change in IP is detected.

This feature can be enabled from the backend if you desire us to do so.

Now the publishers can download the approved campaigns and their details in bulk via CSV

Through this integration, Trackier will be able to receive IDFA and GAID

August 2023

You will now be able to edit the invoices in the ‘draft’ state.

While editing the invoices, you can add amounts in multiple currencies.

With the implementation of this feature, we have provided ad agencies with the ability to apply 2-FA sign-in for advertisers, thus improving the security.

To ensure that campaigns continue to run smoothly without any disruptions, we have developed a convenient and easy-to-use feature.

This feature allows you to create a Google Ads link that incorporates the necessary certified click trackers in accordance with the updated policy.

Using this feature, your finance team can bulk download all the publisher invoices in a zip folder, thereby reducing time and effort to do this job.

Now, we have given you the ability to assign your own landing page ID. while importing landing pages through CSV.

Now, using this feature, you can filter campaigns that will expire or have expired in a selected date range.

An option has been provided in the filter section of Manage Campaigns section.

Now we have enabled you to add specific payouts for line-items in a given campaign, i.e., for a given campaign, if you want to have specific payouts for specific products, you can do so with this feature.

The publisher when adding sub accounts, should be able to add the following permissions to them:


  • View stat

  • Performance report KPI

  • Conversion report KPI

User management

  • Activate/disable sub Account

  • Add/delete Sub account

Account Management Permission to Access

  • Edit account details

  • View account details

  • Change password

API Access

  • Enable or disable API access for the sub user.

Email notifications

  • Enable or disable email notifications for the sub user.

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