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Getting Started With the First Campaign
Getting Started With the First Campaign

Getting Started With First Campaign

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At a Glance: This article provides information about how to set up your first campaign.

Within Trackier, you can take your affiliate marketing live in a couple of hours. To achieve this, you need to follow a few steps, which include complete integration with advertisers and publishers.

After completing this process, you can start the flow of traffic and continue to focus on optimization.

Steps Involved with Advertiser Integration:

  1. Adding an Advertiser, which will be used later while creating the campaigns. This advertiser will be associated with all the campaign movements related to them.

  2. Use supported Macros for advertiser tracking links.

  3. By sharing the Postback URL or the pixel tag with the advertiser you can add the parameters to the URL in line with the required information from the advertiser via postback.

  4. Sharing a test link with the advertiser for a postback test.

  5. Ask the advertiser to do a system postback test so that you can record the conversion and check if there is any error in the debug postback and their possible solution.

Once you have recorded the conversion accurately, you can move on to publisher integration.

Steps Involved with Publisher Integration:

  1. Adding Publisher, which will provide you with the traffic.

  2. Generating a Publisher Tracking URL from the panel in a particular campaign and sharing the same with Publisher.

  3. Add supported Parameters for a publisher tracking link.

  4. Share the tracking link and ask them for their postback and test URL generated from their platform or panel.

  5. Setting up Publisher Postback, before doing the Postback test.

  6. You can create a postback test to check whether the conversion is fired to the publisher in Postback Log and you can troubleshoot in case you find an error.

Once you are able to attain success by completing the above steps, you can take the campaign live.

Time Targeting

With Trackier, you have the ability to schedule campaigns. For instance, if you want to create a campaign that begins at 12 p.m., pauses at 12 midnight, and then automatically resumes at 12 p.m. the following day.

Simply scroll to the bottom while creating the campaign and add the time targeting as per the requirement. For more information on Time targeting, click here.

time targeting setup on trackier

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