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Setting Up Global Goals
Setting Up Global Goals

Setting Up Global Goals

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At a Glance: This guide will assist you in creating global goals that can be applied to all of your campaigns, eliminating the need to repeatedly create them.

Goals help us track multiple activities within a campaign that bring us revenue and, thereby, also demand a certain payout. You can set up goals in any campaign by going to the "Manage Payout and Goals" option.

To understand this better, let's discuss a special use case. Suppose you are running multiple CPI campaigns, and for each of them, you want to track the event 'deposit'.

To avoid the hassle of creating the same goal over and over again, you can create a global goal on the platform and use it on multiple campaigns.

Steps to set up global goals on Trackier

  • From the left menu, navigate to Campaign and select Global Goals.

If this option is not visible on your panel, please contact your account manager.

Global Goals

  • On the Global Goal page, click on the Action button in the top right corner and click on Add New Goal. Set up the goal with the value, add the payout, etc.

Global Goals

  • Goal Title: You can provide any name for your goal that would help you differentiate the goal from others.

  • Goal Value: The value that you want to set for your goal. This goal value has to be the same at your end and the advertiser's end to track the goals effectively.

  • Goal Type: By default, it will be set to public, but if you want, you can even select private.

  • Goal Payout Model: You can either fix an amount for your revenue and payout or look to add this value in terms of percentage as well.

  • Send As Conversion: With this feature, you can choose to use the fraud score tool to send conversions by selecting "yes" or "no" from the dropdown menu.

  • Track multiple conversions: This feature will allow you to track your conversions with the transaction ID.

  • After clicking "save," your global goal will be created and implemented on all campaigns by default.

Case 1: To implement different payout on a Global goal for any particular Campaign

  • Now, to implement the same in any particular campaign, open your respective campaign and click on the "Manage payout and goals" section.

  • In the Manage payout and goals section, go to Publisher-specific payout and add a new payout.

Revenue, Payout and Goals: Publisher Specific Payout

  • Select "All" for publishers to set your global goal for all publishers, and click on the "Goal" column to select any particular global goal. Herein, you will also be able to define the specific payout for any particular publisher or all publishers.

Revenue, Payout and Goals: Publisher Specific Payout

Case 2: When you don't want the global goal postback to be sent to any publisher

  • By default, global goals will be applied to all active campaigns. To prevent this from occurring for a specific campaign, navigate to the Campaign Settings, followed by the PostBack Settings, and then select the option to Add Global Goals and Block Publisher from the drop-down menu for blocking publishers. This will ensure that global goal postbacks are not fired for the selected publisher.

Postback Settings

We're thrilled to have put together a top-notch team of qualified experts who are available to handle any of your concerns and respond to any inquiries you may have. You can contact us at any time by sending an email to or using the in-platform chat feature.

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