Adding Pre-Lander

Adding Pre-Lander

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At a Glance: This article will help you better understand pre-landers and how to add a pre-landing page to your website.


  • Pre-landing pages make sure that only potential or interested visitors will make it through to the main landing page. Furthermore, the pre-landing page keeps the right traffic over the landing page so that you can utilise traffic efficiently.

  • For example, if the user is extremely interested, you can add a questionnaire that will check the user's interest, and only a specific age bar of users will be allowed to pass through to the main landing page.

Placement of script on Pre-Landing Page

  • If you want to add links to pre-landing pages that redirect visitors to the landing page selected by the publisher on their account, you must add the following code before the closing </body> tag.


  • The script that needs to be placed before closing the <body/> is mentioned below:

    <script src="//"></script>

    Replace with your tracking domain.

Note: The click element on the pre-landing page should be wrapped around the <a> tag.

Adding Pre-Landing Page

  • Go to the campaign settings, navigate to landing pages, click on actions, select new landing page, and select type as 'Pre-Landing' along with other required details.

    Pre Landing page on Trackier
  • Title: Set the title for that landing page.

  • Preview URL: Enter the preview URL here.

  • Destination URL: Enter the final URL of the pre-landing page here.

  • Type: Here you can select one option from the landing page and the pre-landing page. Select pre-landing if you want to set up the same.

  • Status: You can set the status of the landing page depending on your requirements. You have the option to set the landing page as active or paused.

  • Targeting Rule: You can set the rule to target traffic on the basis of country, region, city, and ISP.

  • Rule Value: Enter the country, region, city, or ISP name that you want to target.

  • Description: You can add a note for internal purposes.

Adding pre-landers in the publisher tracking link

Adding pre-lander on Trackier
  • Select the Publisher

  • A tracking link will be generated

  • check "Pre-Landers" option

  • Select the Pre-Landing Page from the menu that you created earlier.

  • it will be added in the link as &prl=1

Click on update, and you are good to share the generated URL with your publisher.

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