Publisher-Wise Targeting

Publisher-Wise Targeting

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At a Glance: This article will give you a brief overview of how you can add publisher-wise targeting.

In Trackier, you can assign a dedicated landing page for a particular publisher. If the publisher is sending traffic to the Trackier tracking URL, it will automatically be redirected to the assigned landing page based on the targeting rule set. For other publishers, it will work as usual.

To set up this feature, you need to:

  • Add campaign targeting by excluding publishers who will have a dedicated landing page in the campaign.

  • Add publisher-specific targeting for those who are going to have a dedicated landing page.

  • Assign that targeting to the landing page while adding the landing page, which will convert publisher-specific targeting into the landing page rule.

Campaign targeting

Navigate to the desired campaign; simply go to the Targeting section and choose the Campaign Targeting option.

Add campaign general targeting, excluding publishers who will have their own specific landing page.

Campaign Targeting

  • Exclude publishers who will have their own landing page.

  • Add all the required targeting to the campaign.

  • All general publisher traffic that doesn't match this targeting rule will be sent to Fallback.

Publisher-specific Targeting

  • This targeting will be used to connect the landing page, so the system will know the criteria of traffic to redirect the same to the publisher-specific landing page.

    Publisher Specific Targeting
Targeting Rule
  • Create targets for each publisher separately.

  • Add all the conditions that should be right to send traffic to the defined landing page.

  • You will be selecting the name of this targeting block while creating a landing page in the next step, as the targeting block title will be selected in the landing page section.

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