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Generating Tracking Link ( Publisher Interface )
Generating Tracking Link ( Publisher Interface )

Generating Tracking Link

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At a Glance : In this article we will learn how you can generate tracking link for your publishers through trackier panel so that they can run campaigns.


You can generate tracking links directly from the campaign info page. There is a separate panel altogether as part of the campaign info page.

Steps to follow

From the campaign info page, you can find the campaign tracking link section

Publisher Tracking link

Additional options in the tracking link :

There are multiple options you can find at the time of generating the tracking link:

  • Add Tracking parameters - Publisher tracking macros need to be placed against the specified parameters.

  • Add Deeplink - If you want to redirect towards a particular landing page of the primary campaign, then you can add a deep link to the publisher's tracking link.

    ( Eg: You want the users to redirect towards a specific section of a Myntra page, then you can add the web URL of that specific section in the deep link part and then the users will be redirected towards that section only )

  • Add Source (sub-publisher) - You have to pass macro for your sub-publisher aginst the source parameter.

  • Add Landing page: Generate a tracking link redirected to a specific landing page, select the added landing page as options from the drop-down.

  • Pre-Landers: Redirect traffic to the pre-landers.

  • Impression Pixel - This checkbox appears in this section if you have enabled impression tracking in the campaign settings.

  • Change Tracking Domain - You can change your tracking domain by checking this check box and selecting the required domain.

Tracking link options

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