Advertiser-Level Targeting

Advertiser-Level Targeting

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At a glance: This is a guide to setting up targeting on Trackier at the advertiser level.


Trackier's advanced targeting feature allows you to set global rules for allowing or denying traffic based on browser, city, region, and other criteria. Enterprise customers can target specific device versions. Campaign-specific targeting rules can also be applied.

Use Case:

  1. Relevant audiences are reached through targeting.

  2. The conversion rates are improved if the clicks come from the desired specification.

  3. This improves the performance of the campaign.

Steps to set advertiser-level targeting

  • Open any advertiser account from the Advertiser Manage Page and select the edit button in the settings section of the advertiser's page.

Adertiser Level Targeting on Trackier
  • In settings, you can easily create a new targeting rule by simply clicking on "Targeting" and then selecting "+ New Targeting Rule."

  • You can create highly specific rules for targeting a campaign to your preferred audiences.

  • In Trackier, you’ll find common targeting rules, such as browser type, device brand, and operating system.

  • Rule Block contains many rules with some logic, like allowing users from a particular country, blocking desktop traffic, etc.

Adertiser Level Targeting on Trackier

  • Rule Block Name: Any name to identify the block

  • Rule Block Condition: Select between AND / OR

  • Variable: You can use any variable on which you can set targeting to create the required targeting rule.

  • Logic: To allow the traffic if the rule block condition is true or block if it is false.

  • Condition: You can set it to default or empty.

  • A value can be any value of the selected variable.

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