Bulk Targeting

Bulk Targeting

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At a Glance: This article will assist you in understanding how to do bulk targeting and set targeting rules.


You might have set Targeting rules for your campaigns, but did you know that you can bulk target several campaigns just through a CSV file as per your requirements? You can upload a maximum of 500 rows per CSV.

CSV Column Fields

When you click on the Bulk Targeting option under campaigns, you will have the option to add the file to the panel to bulk upload the targeting. Below are the fields that need to be uploaded for bulk targeting.

  • Campaign ID: Campaign for which targeting is to be set

  • Publisher ID: Publisher for whom targeting is to be set

  • Variable: Targeting rule variable on which the targeting will be applied.

  • Logic: Logic could be any of the two, i.e. "Allow" or "Deny"

  • Value: Targeting rule value to be entered here

Notes: You can even download a sample file to see what the data should look like for the CSV and then make changes to the same file and upload the same

Bulk targeting

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