How to Add Publisher in Trackier?

How to Add Publisher in Trackier?

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At a Glance: This article will help you understand how you can add a new publisher to the Trackier panel, and also how you can manage existing publisher's information or data.

You can now easily add and invite publishers to start working on your campaigns and manage them effectively. Publishers, as your partners, provide traffic to your campaigns.

A publisher can also be added to your Trackier account via an invitation link, CSV uploads, and API. All the verticals concerned with publishers can be found on the left side of the panel.

Publisher on Trackier

Follow these simple steps to add and manage existing publishers on Trackier's Panel.

Adding new Publisher

  • Go to the Manage Publisher's page and click on "Actions"

  • Post that you'll see an option to add new publishers.

  • The action button not only gives you access to add a new publisher but also you can search and set multiple payout templates from the same. You can explore the power of Action on your own.

Adding Publisher on Trackier

  • Once you click on new Publisher, it will ask you to fill in some details like name, email, country, account status, etc. You can also set some signup questions here for your publishers, and you can add new ones by going to the Customize section and clicking on the signup questions.

  • If you enable the advanced setup option, you can add some additional fields for your publisher like tax ID, skype number, account manager, and many more

Adding Publisher on Trackier

Managing your publishers

  • You can manage all the added publishers and change their status on one common page. You can use this section to have a basic overview (like company, status, etc.) of them all at once.

  • You have the option to add more KPIs for the publishers on the Manage page by using the Advanced Filter icon present on the right side of the page (highlighted in the image below). If you want to look for campaigns, be they active or pending, the same can be done via filters. If you wish, you can export all this data as well.

    Managing Publisher on Trackier


Here is the description of all filter options that are available on the "Manage Publisher" page:

Publisher ID: You can search for or manage the data of any specific publisher by entering the unique publisher ID.

Contact/company name: You can search for the publisher by entering the name of the publisher or the company name of the publisher.

Status: You can filter the publishers by their account status; for example, if you want to see all the banned publishers on your panel, simply check the checkbox of "Banned" and it will show you the list of all banned publishers.

Email: To search the publisher using their email address.

Manager: To filter or search the publisher, choose the manager that is assigned.

Publisher Tags: You can search the publisher with the tag that is given to them. A tag can be added to the publisher by editing their details or while creating a new publisher.

Tiers: You can filter the publishers based on the payout tier that they are kept in. Payout tiers can be created on the Manage Publishers page by clicking the Actions button.

Use case of payout tier:

Payout tiers allow you to create various payout slabs. For example, suppose a publisher is very genuine and drives the most traffic to the campaign. You can keep him in the Gold Tier and pay him higher than the other publishers.

Publisher on Trackier


After filters, there are a few columns with details that you can view on the "Manage Publisher" page:

Publisher on Trackier

It contains the publisher ID, publisher name, name of the company of the publisher, status of the publisher, the date when the publisher was created or added, last login time, reference ID, tax ID, managers, sales managers, username of the publisher, country of the publisher, currency of the publisher, city of the publisher, phone number of the publisher, sign-up IP address, and ARN number of the publisher.

Other methods to add publishers

  1. Invitation link: This is your domain link; please share it with your publisher and ask them to create an account here. I am sharing the screenshot for reference.

    Adding Publisher on Trackier

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