Affilitest Link Test Tool

Affilitest Link Test Tool

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At a Glance: In this guide, we will show you how to utilize the Affilitest tool to check if your tracking URL is properly redirecting to the advertiser's URL or not.

Using 'Affilitest', you can check whether your CPI campaigns are redirecting to the app store or not. With the help of this link test tool, you can verify whether or not your tracking links are functioning flawlessly and then use the results to monetize your campaigns.

Note: You will get five free tests on Trackier. If you want more, you can register by visiting their affiliate website.

Where To Find it?

  • You can access link tests from the Automation section of your panel. Select Link Test Tools and click on the Try It button under the Affilitest card.

Affilitest Link Test Tool on Trackier

Manual Link Test

  • Once you click on the Try it button, you will be redirected to the page shown below.

Affilitest Link Test Tool on Trackier
  • Enter the affiliate link: Enter the tracking URL that you want to test in this section.

  • Device: Select if the tracking URL is restricted for any specific device or not. If not, you can select any device.

  • Geo: Select the country for which the tracking link is bound to work. If the tracking link is supposed to work all over the globe, you can select the option ALL.

Hit the 'Test now' button, and you will get the required results on the same page.

Note: To register on Affilitest, simply click the hyperlink displayed on the page above the 'Test Now' button.

Affilitest Link Test Tool on Trackier

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