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Generate Tracking Link for Publisher

Generate Tracking link for Publisher

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At a glance: This article will provide you with a deep understanding of publisher tracking links and how you can generate the same on the panel for your publishers to run campaigns.


  • A publisher tracking link is a unique, simple URL generated within every campaign. The tracking link carries all the information that has to be passed into the tracking reports. When a visitor opens the offer through this URL, a unique click is generated for that specific publisher.

  • Clicks in Trackier are generated through publisher tracking links only; with every hit on the URL, a unique click_id is generated by Trackier's platform. This click_id is further linked with conversions or goals tracked by our platform.


  • This tracking link will be generated automatically by simply selecting the publisher. You can add and make changes to this tracking link as per your use cases.

  • You can also use your own customised domain in the tracking link. You can find the detailed article here

Generate Tracking link

Open the respective campaign and find the Tracking Link section in the right sector.

Tracking link on Trackier

Select any publisher from the dropdown, and the tracking link will be generated automatically in the below space.

generated link

The tracking link has been generated, and you can share it with your publishers.

Checkbox Description

  • Add tracking parameters: You can add more tracking parameters to the tracking link to store additional information from the publisher's end.

  • Add source (sub publisher): This check box will add a parameter &source to the tracking link where your publisher can pass you the sub publisher. You can also use this checkbox to check how the source is passed in the URL and how it is visible in the click report.

  • Impression Pixel/URL: This checkbox appears in this section if you have enabled impression tracking in the campaign settings.

  • Add deeplink: You can add deeplink to the tracking link for your publisher.

  • Click pixel: You can generate a click pixel for your publisher after selecting this check box. Click pixel is a small piece of code or tracking mechanism that the publisher can use to create a campaign at their end.

  • Google Ads link: A link for google ads can be generated by checking this checkbox.

  • Generate short link: If you want your tracking link to be short, you can click this check box depending on your requirements.

  • Change tracking domain: You can change your tracking domain by checking this check box and selecting the required domain.

  • Reference ID: If you want a publisher reference ID, you can select this checkbox.

  • Landing page: Selecting this check box will allow you to select any landing page where you want the tracking link to be redirected.

  • Random landing page redirect: Selecting this checkbox will generate the tracking link for any random landing page. If the publisher uses this URL, the traffic will be redirected on any landing page randomly.

  • Add GAID: This checkbox appears only if you have passed {gaid} in the campaign URL. By selecting this checkbox, you can embed a sample GAID in the tracking URL and then use that URL for testing purpose in case the campaign is integrated with some MMP.

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