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Advertiser Panel Setting
Advertiser Panel Setting

Advertiser Panel Setting

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At a Glance: This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the customizable settings offered on the platform for the advertiser panel and to update them according to your specific needs.

You can customise your advertisers' settings directly from the panel, as well as control the KPIs displayed in the advertisers' interface. These settings will apply to all advertisers on your platform unless specific changes are made to the settings of individual advertisers.

Advertiser Panel Settings

advertiser panel settings

  • Show Click Logs: If you enable this, your advertisers will be able to see the click logs.

  • Hide Cost: There are times when we wish to hide cost-related details from our advertisers. If you enable this, cost-related statistics will remain hidden from the advertiser's panel.

  • Auto Approve Advertiser: In case you don't want to apply any additional checks and would like advertisers to be approved post-registration, simply enable this button.

  • Auto-Assign Advertiser Manager: The chosen users will automatically be designated as managers for all new advertisers who register in the system.

  • Panel Language: There are multiple options for different languages you would want to choose for your advertiser panel. By default, the language is set to English.

  • Report Data: The reports that will be seen and downloaded by advertisers will either show the gross value or the approved value. The choice lies with you as to what you want to make available for the advertiser's panel.

Widgets and Reporting

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  • Widgets: Once you log in to the Performance platform, you will see a dashboard with widgets showing some stats around campaigns. You can explicitly choose from here what widgets you want your advertiser to see and access.

  • Conversion Report KPIs: Choose the KPIs you would like to display in the Advertiser Panel.

  • Report Grouping Parameters: You must have seen an option of group by in reports under the filter section that allows you to group your report data as per your wish. Here you can select those parameters through which advertisers can group their reports.

  • Performance Report KPI Selection: Choose the KPIs for the performance report that you would like to display in the advertiser panel.

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