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Advertiser Setting

Advertiser Setting

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At a Glance: This article would guide you on the different options available to be configured in the advertiser's basic settings.

The advertiser settings are divided into three sub-sections on the basis of the different types of configurations that are available at the advertiser level.

  1. Basic

  2. Conversions Tracking

  3. Report KPI


These options are related to the basic setting of the advertiser account and are explained below:

  1. E-mail Notifications: This option is used to decide whether you want to send email notifications to your advertiser or if you want to unsubscribe from every email.

  2. Currency: You can decide the currency of your advertiser.

  3. Append URL: The value entered here will be automatically appended to the campaign URL by the system when creating manual campaigns.

  4. Redirect Type: This option allows you to choose between multiple redirection methods; we recommend keeping 302 as the default.

  5. Ecommerce Platform: Here you can determine the e-commerce platform of your advertiser, like Shopify, WooCommerce, or others.

  6. Fallback URL: Traffic will be redirected to this fallback URL when targeting is not matched.

  7. Unique Click Session: A user will be considered unique on the advertiser level, i.e., if the same user visits a different campaign from one particular advertiser, it will be considered a single user.

  8. 2FA Sign-In: You can enable 2-factor authentication for your advertiser.

Note: Enabling 2FA will require additional OTP verification.

Conversions Tracking

These options are related to the conversion tracking setting and are explained below:

  1. Click to Conversion time (Seconds): Conversions/Installs happening in less than the specified seconds will be cancelled by the system (CTIT Rule).

  2. Unique Conversion IP: This option prevents conversions from the same click IP on a campaign.

  3. Whitelist IPs: You can add whitelist IPs for conversion tracking.


  4. Set All Conversions Pending: You can set all the conversions from a particular advertiser in a pending state.

  5. Migration Postback URL: The system will forward the postbacks to this URL when the click ID is not tracked. This option is used when migrating from a different tracking platform.

Report KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

These options are related to the Report KPI and are explained below:

  1. Conversion Report KPIs: You can select the KPI that you want to show in the Advertiser Panel.

  2. Report Grouping Params: You can select reports grouping parameters that you want to show in the advertiser panel.

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