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Customize Your Campaign
Customize Your Campaign

Customize Your Campaign

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At a Glance : This article will provide you with a deep understanding on how you can customize your campaign based on different attributes, which is inclusive of Non-targeted campaign status, Publisher CAP, GEO, OS targeting, etc

There are a few attributes that could help change the behavior of our campaigns and help us run them in ways that would help us reach our goal efficiently and effectively. Through this panel, any user can make some changes through simple buttons and run their campaigns as per their requirements.

Customization of Campaign

Customize: Campaign

Non-Targeted Campaign Status: You can set the status of the campaign as either "Cancelled" or "Rejected." For the campaigns that have not met the targeting set for them.

CAPs to Publishers: You can set the visibility of the CAP to the publisher directly from here. If this is enabled, the CAPs applied will be visible to the publisher.

Offer Application Questionnaire: Enable this switch to add custom questions for publishers requesting access for permission-based campaigns.

Conversion Payout Override: This will allow you to override your payouts/revenue for conversions via postback settings.

Cancel Conversions Outside Coverage: Enabling this will cancel your conversions that are occurring outside the targeted places/countries.

Geo Soft Targeting: Enabling this will allow GEO soft targeting while recording clicks or conversions.

OS Soft Targeting: Enabling this will allow operating system soft targeting while recording clicks or conversions.

Conversions with Private Goals: If any conversion takes place as part of private goals, one can mark them as "Cancelled" by enabling this button to hide the data.

Allow Smart Link Traffic: Smart Link contains various offers, and through one unique link, you can send traffic to the most relevant offer. By enabling this, you can direct traffic via smart links in your private campaigns.

Campaign Currency: This will allow you to use only the currency mentioned in the campaign and will use the same currency in payouts and revenue.

Invalid Coupon Codes: This setting will attribute your invalid codes to conversions without coupon codes. It will first remove invalid coupon codes from the panel and then go ahead to merge them with those conversions without coupon codes.

Prefer Coupon Code over Click: If you wish, you can prioritise coupons over clicks. For instance, if a publisher has directed a user to your website and that user has used a coupon code, they will go ahead and merge them with those conversions without a preference for coupon details rather than click details.

Delink Conversion CAP from Click CAP: If this setting is enabled, then the conversion will not be cancelled if Click CAP is reached, they will be cancelled only if Conversion CAP has reached.

Cancel Conversion if Publisher Access is Removed: In the event that access has been removed from any publisher, the conversion coming from them will be in the cancelled state.

Unique Click Session: Enter the click session duration for calculating the unique clicks in an hour.

Duplicate Click Action: This will decide what will happen post-duplicate clicks. If you want nothing to happen, go for "None." Otherwise, go for "Blank Page" or be redirected to some other URL, i.e., "Fallback.".

Global Attribution Window: Choose a time frame between 0 to 17520 hours (up to 2 years) for attributing conversions. Any additional conversions will be marked as cancelled after this timeframe.

Mark as cancelled for expired campaigns: In the event that the campaign has been marked as expired, all conversions coming for that campaign will be marked as rejected.

Questionnaire for Permission-Driven Campaigns

  • Now the admin can set some questions that will be visible to the publishers when they request access for a permission-based campaign.

  • You can define the number/set of questions here, which will be displayed as part of the publisher's interface.

    This is how it will be displayed on Publisher's side when he will be seeking permission for the offer

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