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SSO Configuration
SSO Configuration

SSO Configuration

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At a Glance: Single Sign On is an authentication method that enables users to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites by using just one set of credentials. Trackier has an option for users to configure their SSO settings by giving some simple information on the platform.

SSO Configuration

To set up SSO, go to the customize section and choose the SSO configuration option.

Customize: SSO Configuration

  • Enable/Disable: This button will allow you to either enable or disable the SSO configuration.

  • ID provider: In this section, you have three choices:

    The first one is Azure AD, also known as Azure Active Directory. Enabling this option allows users to sign in to Azure AD without having to enter their passwords, and often even their usernames.

    The second option is OneLogin, which offers access to both cloud and on-premises applications through an SSO portal.

    The third option is Google Login. With Google SSO, users can sign in once and gain access to various Google products and services, including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and more, without needing to sign in separately for each service.

  • Entity ID: You would need to enter the unique alphanumeric ID for this field.

  • Assertion Consumer Service URL: It tells the IDP where to redirect an authenticated user after signing in. An ACS URL takes the following form:

  • XML File: This option is not mandatory. You would have to upload the XML file to your identity provider.

  • Certificate: This option is not mandatory. You would have to upload the certificate given by your identity provider.

  • Disable login: Through this option, you can absolutely disable the option of users entering the password and email and being automatically logged in via SSO.

  • Login via email and password: By choosing the disable option, users will not be required to enter their password and email, as they will be automatically logged in through SSO. By selecting the "allow for all" option, users will be prompted to log in using their email and password, and if the "allow for publishers and advertisers" option is chosen, both publishers and advertisers will be required to log in with their email and password.

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