Google SMTP Setup

Google SMTP Setup

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At a glance: If you have a google account and you want to use that to send automatic emails to your publishers or Team members through Trackier

You can set up SMTP to send your publisher an automatic email about different actions that have taken place on the platform. You will find this option under "Customize" -> "Domain" -> "SMTP domain".

Settings required for SMTP on Google

  • Use the Google Workspace SMTP relay service to send mail from these devices, as it authenticates with IP addresses.

  • With SMTP relay service, devices and apps can send messages to anyone inside or outside of your organization.

  • For enabling any of the settings, make sure you have administrator rights; otherwise, you won't be able to make any changes or set up anything.

  • Go to Menu -> Apps -> Google workspace -> Gmail -> Routing

  • Next, go to the SMTP relay service and click Configure.

  • Enter the below details in order to set up your SMTP relay service


Action Required

Allowed Senders

Choose an option:

  • Only registered App users in my domains- Sender must be a Google Workspace user in one of your domains.

  • Only addresses in my domains- The sender doesn't have to be a Google Workspace user but must be a user on one of your registered domains. This option is useful when you use third-party or custom applications to send messages.

  • Any addresses (not recommended)—The sender's address can be any email address, including addresses outside of your domain. This option makes you more vulnerable to abuse, either by malicious software on your users' devices or by incorrect SMTP settings.

If you use any address option and send messages from a domain that you do not own or with an empty envelope from (for example, bounce messages or out-of-office notifications), set up your mail server to use SMTP AUTH to identify the sending domain or to present one of your domain names in the HELO or EHLO command.


Please make sure to turn off the 2-factor authentication

Check one or both boxes to set an authentication method.

  • Only accept mail from the specified IP addresses—The system accepts only messages sent from IP addresses that you specify.

  • Require SMTP Authentication—Enforces SMTP authentication to identify the sending domain (connection through TLS required). SMTP authentication verifies the connection by checking the user's Google Workspace email address and password.

If you select the specified IP addresses option:

  • Click Add.

  • Enter a description and the IP address or range in IPv4 or IPv6 format.
    Use your own public IP address. You can specify up to 65,536 IP addresses in one range. For security reasons, we recommend that you keep the IP range as small as possible.

  • Check or uncheck the Enable box to enable or disable the IP address or range.

  • Click Save.

  • To add more IP addresses or ranges, repeat the steps.

  • Save the settings that you have entered.

Trackier's Google SMTP Wizard

Step 1: Choose the Google mail server

Step 2: Sign in with Google from your account

Step 3: Test if the SMTP has been configured properly by adding your ID to receive test mail

How to test the SMTP settings

  • Go to the SMTP domain panel on Trackier

  • Enter the details such as SMTP server, username, and email.

  • Enter your email in "Test email to" to see and check if the emails are being delivered.

You will receive an email as shown in the picture below

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