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FAQ's on Network API

FAQ's on Network API

Updated over a week ago

Q1. Offers fetched from the API are not reflecting on the panel?

You need to check with your advertiser whether the offers that you are referring to are approved by your advertiser or not.

Secondly, you need to check the ratio of payout/ revenue that you have set. Offers will be fetched as per basic details and integration settings.

Q2. My advertiser is not using trackier, how can I integrate with my advertiser?

If you are unable to find integration in the available integrations on the trackier platform. Then in such case, you have to reach out to your account manager or raise a ticket regarding the same by sharing API details and API doc with us.

Q3. My advertiser is also using Trackier, how can I integrate with my advertiser?

To integrate with Trackier you simply need to search for the Trackier API in the automation section of your Panel:

Click on the add button and it will ask for a few basic details like the API key, and API URL.

We're thrilled to have put together a top-notch team of qualified experts who are available to handle any of your concerns and respond to any inquiries you may have. You can contact us at any time by sending an email to or using the in-platform chat feature.

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