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Pixel is not recorded?
Pixel is not recorded?

Pixel is not recorded?

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At a glance: This article will assist you in troubleshooting the situation in which a pixel placed on the website's thank-you page is not recorded as a conversion on the Trackier platform and how to deal with it.

If you run a test conversion and discover that no conversions have been recorded, you can review the pixel log for potential errors and their corresponding solutions in this KB.

As you test, you will determine if the advertiser has accurately placed the pixel on the thank-you page of the website.

Errors and their possible solutions


Possible Solution


It means success, and there is no error. You will see this conversion in the conversion logs as well.

BLANK (there is nothing on the page)

It means no pixel is placed on the advertiser's end or is not in the <body> tag.


Users have not landed on the landing page from the tracking link; it might be an organic conversion.


It means no valid click is available against this pixel firing.


It means conversion is already recorded with the same click id if it is a purchase-type campaign; then enable tracking multiple conversions from the same click id from the campaign setting.


It means the click ID doesn't belong to the Trackier platform, and it is not a genuine test with the Trackier tracking link.


It means a pixel from another campaign is placed on the advertiser's end; please check and share the pixel again.


The goal value created in the campaign does not match what we are getting in the fired pixel log. It is possible that while adding pixels, something got omitted from the goal value. You may either change the goal value in the campaign or get the goal value changed by your advertiser in the pixel placed.


This error can arise because of two situations:

  • If the click time is before the conversion time.

  • If the time in &order_date in the pixel tag is before the actual time of the conversion.

Steps to find if the Advertiser placed the pixel correctly

Step 1: Generate a Tracking link in the campaign (make sure the tracking link's domain matches the domain of iframe or image pixel that is placed on the website)

Step 2: Paste that tracking link in the browser and do not hit it directly.

Step 3: After that, right-click anywhere on the page and open Inspect.

Pixel is not recorded on Trackier

Step 4: Select Network in the Inspect menu and check Preserve Log.

Pixel is not recorded on Trackier

Step 5: Fill in the test lead on the page and submit.

Step 6: When the Thank You page appears, search “your tracking domain” in the INSPECT menu and try to find your Pixel.


  • Make sure to copy and paste Trackier's publisher tracking link in the web browser to conduct a pixel test.

  • Ensure that the test is not taking place in Incognito mode.

Verifying the placement of pixel

  • If you find the pixel and it is fired, check the pixel log and conversion log.

  • Make sure your txn_id, sale_amount, and any other parameters that you have added in the pixel are getting replaced with a value.

  • If you don't find your pixel in the list, then the pixel is still not placed. Take a screenshot of the full page with developer mode on and share the same with the advertiser.

  • Once it is added by the advertiser, test it again with the tracker's tracking link.

When you have successfully recorded the conversion, you can go live with the campaign.


Trackier provides you with an option to reject the pixel if a particular required information is not received.

For example, if you want to reject the conversion or pixel if the transaction ID is missing then the system will automatically reject that conversion or fired pixel.

You can access this setting from the basic settings of your campaign:

Reject conversion/pixel on Trackier

You can apply these settings on Sale amount, Transaction ID, and all open parameters (Sub1 to Sub10)

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