Brand Vs Operator

Brand Vs Operator

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There are two key stakeholders in the area of iGaming. One is a brand and the other is an operator. Let us learn and see how both are different from each other

Brand Vs Operators

  • Operators are the ones who work with multiple brands at one go whereas brands are an entity that has multiple games under them

  • An ‘operator’ will work to either spread the message of one game’s ad or of multiple games’ ads of a brand. That is like when a publisher works with Flipkart on 2 campaigns and with big bazaar on two campaigns; an operator can choose to take up ad campaigns of games under one brand or multiple brands.

  • Brands can have multiple games under them. There is no hard and fast restriction on the number of games

  • Let us take an example to understand this in depth. Rummycircle is a brand that has multiple games such as poker, rummy etc under it. Now we have another brand called Playdream which has cricket, hockey, and football as games under it. If there is someone who wants to work with both the brands to help them grow their business he/she will be labelled as an "Operator" whereas Playdream and Rummycircleare labelled as "Brands"

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