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Global Targeting

Global Targeting

Updated over a week ago

At a Glance: In this article, you will learn about the use of global targeting and step wise guide to apply it.

For instance, if you have a specific group of people you want to reach with your ads in different campaigns, instead of setting up targeting for each campaign separately, you can create one universal targeting setup that works for all your campaigns which is called Global targeting.

You can access these settings from the Automation section of your tracker panel.

Once you click on the "Add targeting block" button, it will come with a pop-up window where you can make the required settings:

You can set global targeting on Source, device, GEO, Operating system, City, Region, country, etc, which is mandatory to be chosen along with the Name of global targeting.

This targeting is the same as campaign targeting, the only difference is that global targeting can be used in multiple campaigns (To read about campaign settings in detail click here).

Note: Campaign level settings are prioritized in campaign settings, rather than global targeting.

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