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Kochava Trackier Integration
Kochava Trackier Integration
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At a Glance: Learn how to integrate with Kochava Trackier for seamless Ad network collaboration. Follow the steps below to complete the integration process and start benefiting from this partnership.

This article is intended for ad networks that want to integrate with Kochava. This would require you to just fill out a form, after which the Kochava team will be notified and you will be updated on your registered email.

Mobile App tracking integration on Trackier

How to fill out the form?

Once you click on "Set up Instructions," you will be asked to fill out the Integration Form.

This form is divided into 4 simple steps:

1. Provide general details about your business.

2. Define your click macros.

3. Define your impressions macros.

4. Define your install/event postback.

Page 2: General Information

  • The name of your network is the name of your company.

  • Logo: Place a link to the logo that is accessible to download.

  • Platform used: platform being used, i.e., choose Trackier from the list.

    Kochava integration form

Page 3: Clicks

  • Device ID Parameters: On this page, there is a list of standard device ID parameters for Kochava. You need to place Trackier macros against four parameters for the integration to work.

    a) IDFA - {idfa} It is a user-resettable advertising ID found on iOS devices.

    b) ADID - {gaid} Android ID

    c) ip_adress - {ip} To send the IP address of the clicks.

    d) Device_ua - {user_agent} The browser on which the click event occurred.

    Kochava integartion form on Trackier

Page 4: Standard Click Parameters.

Kochava can gather additional contextual information from each click to further increase actionable intelligence for the advertiser.

Please indicate your ad server’s macro used to populate the below click parameters in full format. For example, if the macro for site_id is [[publisher_id]], then please provide that exact syntax in the table below

standard click parameters

Page 5: Additional click Parameters

You can place any additional macro on this page, through which your panel will populate the following parameters in either your click requests.

Listing down the parameters that are supported by Trackier; therefore, the rest can be left out.

Parameter Macro:

  • device_os: OS of the device, {os}

  • device_os_version: OS version of the device, {os_version}

  • user_country: The country in which the user is located, {country_id}

  • user_region: State of the user, {region}

additional click parameters

Page 6: Custom click parameter

These fields are available for any custom parameter that you want to define.

Page 7: Impressions

  • You would have to define the source of the impression data. Trackier supports both server-side and client-side data

    Impression tracking on Kochava

Page 8: Impression Parameters

You can place the below macros on this as per your requirement on this page:

  • IDFA - {idfa}

  • ADID - {gaid}

  • ip_address - {ip}

  • device_ua - {user_agent}

impression parameter in kochava integration

Page 9: Additional impression parameters:

Same as additional click parameters, You can place any additional macro on this page, through which your panel will show the following parameters in either your impression requests.

Page 10: Custom impression parameters:

These fields are available for any custom parameter that you want to define with your impressions.

Page 11: Standard Postback Parameters and Install Postback Configuration

Install postback:

  • Fill in the name of the platform, GET/POST method, JSON/URL, and No to claim.

  • The endpoint will be given over the Trackier platform and once you hit that endpoint, you can see the successful response

    install postback for Trackier Kochava integartion

    Sample install postback configuration-

  • page 11 kochava integration: trackier

Page 12: Mapping standard parameters and Event postback configuration

  • The way you filled out the install postback, the same process will be followed for event postback

    Event postback for Kochava integration

    ​Sample image for event postback configuration-

    Kochava doc for integration


Once you submit the form, the process is complete, and you will need to wait to hear back from Kochava in 3–4 business days.

Need Instant Resolution?

We want to assure our customers that Trackier provides an in-house customer support team, available for instant query resolutions. You can reach out to us via email at or directly engage with our in-house agents through our live chat feature.

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